Pilates Studio Essex

Classes are as follows:

Monday – Matching Green @ 9.15am

Tuesday – Matching Green @ 9.15am

Wednesday –  Manuden Village Community Centre @ 9.15am and 10.30am

Thursday – Matching Green @ 9.15am


The classes are small in size so you have space to move and so I can dedicate time to each client and ensure you get the most out of each session.

Classes are for all ages, abilities and gender.  I am well aware that not everyone will feel comfortable coming to class if this is something new to you but please rest assured that I felt the same way too when I went to my first class and it was the best thing I could have done for myself, plus I’m very friendly!!!

Classes are purchased as a block of 5/6/7 weeks (dependant on term times) as usually it will take several sessions to understand the principles of Pilates especially if you are new to this form of exercise.   However, if you are already a Pilates person then you know that you just keep getting better and better with each session!

It would be very much appreciated if you could arrive for class prior to the start time to enable you to warm up your body, ask any questions and so that we can get started to ensure you have your full hour of exercise. Classes will begin on time.

Please wear comfortable clothing to class.  It is useful if you could wear a reasonably form fitting top to enable me to clearly see your spine and how your body moves in order to give you corrections to ensure you get the best out of each exercise.  Most importantly make sure you are comfortable.

You can wear socks or bare feet, whichever your preference, although for some exercises bare feet or socks with grip are useful to stop you sliding.

All equipment is provided so all you need to do is bring yourself!